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What is Psoriasis Club?

Psoriasis Club is a friendly on-line Forum where people with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis can get together and share information, get the latest news, or just chill out with others who understand.
We are the only totally independent psoriasis forum on the internet. We never talk about money, that is not why we are here. We are just a bunch of friendly people sharing information and support.

Why is Psoriasis Club here?

It's here because as a psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patient I wanted somewhere I could find information and hopefully talk with others who understood how I felt. My search on the internet kept leading me to places that were nothing more than a bunch of scammers, or their priority seemed to be aimed at money and keeping fat cats and pharmaceutical companies happy.

When I did finally find a couple of forums I soon found out that they too wanted money from donations and would often keep making a point of asking. I also found out that members of some forums were not very friendly or supportive of their members and the owners of some forums let their members continue with cyberbulling and trolling to the extent that even some of the so called staff where involved in it too. I decided I wasn't going to find a place that was safe and friendly away from the money side of things so decided to set up a place of my own where I could keep notes and talk with a couple of other people that felt the same as me. And Psoriasis Club was born in May 2010. It was difficult at first as there were people who didn't want such a place to exist, but that just drove me on to keep it going.

Today Psoriasis Club is still going and it has and still does help a lot of genuine people who like me just want a place to feel comfortable where they can talk with others and share information. We have built up a reputation of throwing anyone out the door without question who try to spam, bully, or troll. We have over 1000 active members (unused accounts are removed) and well over 150,000 posts. You can read some of our members quotes that have been taken from unsolicited posts Here!

Who Joins Psoriasis Club?

We have members who have had psoriasis for years and some that are newly diagnosed. Family and friends of those with psoriasis are also made welcome. You will find some using prescribed treatments and some using the natural approach. There are people who join but keep a low profile, there are people who just like to help others, and there are some who just like to escape to the Members Only Section.

What's the benefits of membership?

Our members enjoy a safe environment away from any outside influence. They feel comfortable being part of a friendly group of people who just like them understand that living with psoriasis is bad enough without getting pestered for donations, advertising, scams, or recruitment drives. They soon find out everyone is friendly. We may not always agree but we do respect each other and anyone trying to cause any trouble will be thrown out. Our Members have more boards and facilities available to them, and the more they take part the more they will find. Some boards are only seen by certain members and it gives them an extra layer of security knowing that not just anyone can see their posts.

Membership also brings with it a good feeling to ones well-being as they soon find out that helping others makes them feel good. We only have one Moderator (Me) so the forum is not over moderated as I would rather let people moderate themselves or talk privately with them. You will find a lot of our members willing to help you settle in, but we also have Forum Helpers that you can call on if you wish. I'm not going to tell you all what goes on at Psoriasis Club but I can assure you that our members are involved and listened to with regards to how it is run.

Our Guarantee:

Joining Couldn't Be Easier:

If you are a genuine person who would like to meet others who understand, just hit the Register button and follow the instructions. Members get more boards and privileges that are not available to guests.