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Please note that any images or messages posted by our members are their property and we actively search for breaches of their rights, especially anything that is posted in the members only section.

The public boards are there for anyone to read and you are free to share any information via social media. However we don't take kindly to people stealing our information and using it as copy and paste. If you do want to use any of the content published on the public board please at least have the decency to ask permission to use it first.

Hotlinking of any images on this website is forbidden and we do change the images URL's often so you could end up with an unwanted image on your website if you do steal ours. It's a simple process for us to do so please leave our images alone.

Some of the information on this website is copyright of other websites and we always try to state our sources. Should you be the owner of any information on this website please contact us if you have a problem.

Finally: We don't mind people sharing information they have found on the public boards and have no problem with you sharing on Social Media as long as there is a link back to our content. But if we find you are using our content for personal or financial gain you will end up in trouble. If in doubt about our content please do contact us

*Psoriasis Club respects other peoples copyright and we respectably ask that others do the same for us.

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