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Psoriasis Club Newsletter

May 2020

Welcome to the clubs 10th anniversary newsletter. I'm sure that all members will join me in thanking Fred for the dedication and tireless work he puts in to keep the site active and up to date with news,keeping it free from internet nasties and funding it from day one refusing offers of donations

For a club to survive and stay healthy for such a long time takes a lot of work and time. But also input from members
I think we can all agree this is a great place to learn about the disease and it's treatments .....also a great place to unwind in these uncertain times in the off topic section

So psoriasis club would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you members that visit the site and contribute, without your input the site would not exist

Link to thread in Annonuncements Here

Thanks for the last ten years and Happy Birthday Psoriasis club

Who would have believed that in just a couple of months the world would change so drastically and many of us would be so reliant on the virtual world of the internet whilst in lockdown. But it is for the good of all around the world to heed the advice that we are being given by our various governments, and although it seems harsh and difficult, it is for the greater good.

But no matter what the world throws at us, we will still be here at psoriasis club with a place to escape to and ask questions about Psoriasis and its treatments We have a few threads about the virus and even a light hearted look at the virus designed to make us smile click the link to see more Covid-19 aka corona virus and psoriasis .
I hope you will come in and tell us how you are managing during this difficult time

If you have a thread about your experiences what better time to come in and update your thread or if you don't have one and would like to start a thread about your treatment you can do that Here .

The off topic has been as busy as ever as we now have a games and quiz board where many of the existing games have been moved to and a few new ones added why not pop in and have a look Games and Quizzes Here

If you're a guest feel free to browse through the links here and join if you want to see more. Some off topic items may not be available for guests but all the health boards are
The forum team have been busy keeping an eye on the Club and are there for you, so if you can't find something you are looking for or if you aren't sure how to do something, we are here to help just click the link below to make contact

I'm always looking for ideas to improve the newsletter if you have a suggestion contact me, or if you prefer contact any of the helpers HERE

If you are currently a subscriber to the newsletter you will receive notification with a link at the beginning of each month. If you don't currently recieve one and would like to receive an email when a new newsletter is made click HERE

Note: Subscribed members get an early view of the newsletter.

This months stats

8 New Members | 38 New Threads | 1736 New Posts

This months new members

Justine943 - IK23 - Bonbon3242 - Root Issue - KarenH* - pw21031947 - hector - Ballstate14 -

New Introductions

For those who have hesitated to post an introduction you will find taking the first step easier if you follow these instructions

#1 From main menu click on Introductions
#2 Top right of this page is a button Post Thread
#3 Click on this a box will open
#4 On the left of the box second line down is Thread Subject write your description in here for instance " jimbos Intro" or whatever you want to name it
#5 Below that is a big box to click on and write your introduction when you are happy with it and want to see what it looks like
#6 At the bottom of the box past the green section it gives three options... Post thread ..... Preview post ... Or save as draft.
The first thing to do is click Preview Post ..... You can then see what others will see when posted... If there are changes to be made you can change it before you post it by clicking Post Thread ........... Read more here

Members Treatments, Questions and comments

pw21031947 Wrote about Psoriasis and Methotrexate

After 50 years of suffering with psoriasis. I was eventually put on methotrexate and it really works read more here

Ballstate14 wrote about Cancer and psoriasis

I am new to the Board; I’m 70 and live in California. I first broke out with Psoriasis at age 31 when my dad got Cancer at age 52; I broke out over 80% of my body almost everywhere but my face, hands, and feet. After my father passed at age 55 my psoriasis cleared mainly except for a few spots of my lower legs and an occasional spot here and there. I would say less than 2% of body.

I quit smoking 35 years ago and drink a bit of alcohol albeit no more than 7-8 drinks per week. I exercise 2x per week playing ? tennis. I take several supplements including Turmeric, D 3, Vitamin........... more here

Psoriasis News and other related items

Otezla effectivenes, safety, and drug survival study

This study evaluated the effectiveness, safety, and drug survival of Otezla (apremilast) at 52 weeks in patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis or palmoplantar psoriasis in routine clinical practice.

Little has been published on the real‐world effectiveness and safety of apremilast in psoriasis.

To evaluate the effectiveness, safety, and drug survival of apremilast at 52 weeks in patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis or palmoplantar psoriasis in routine clinical practice.

Retrospective, multicenter study of adult patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis or palmoplantar psoriasis treated with apremilast from March 2016 to March 2018...... Read more here

Impacts of gene polymorphism son methotrexate in Chinese psoriasis patients

This study looked at the impacts of gene polymorphisms on Methotrexate in Chinese psoriasis patients.

Methotrexate (MTX) is the first‐line treatment for psoriasis in China. The metabolic processes of MTX include various proteins and genes. Previous studies have shown that gene polymorphisms had significant impacts on the efficacy of MTX. However, the influence of gene polymorphisms has not been reported in the Chinese psoriatic patients.

The aim of this study was to verify the impacts of candidate genes polymorphisms on the effectiveness of MTX in a Chinese psoriatic population.... Read more here

Want more?

A lot of members only threads and journals have been updated, come and see if there are more replies on your thread ... why not log-in and have a quick look around.

Off Topic Board | Members Photo's | The Ask Threads

*There are other members only boards. But as it depends on how many posts you have made and what group you are in I won't add them here. The only way to see them is to make more posts.

Q and A's with Psoriasis Club

For our 10th birthday I gave all our members a chance to throw questions to Psoriasis Club.

Q1: How many members did psoriasis club have after 6 months of operation or end of the first year

A1: That is a difficult one to answer as the old original forum I started is no longer available, but my guess would be between 8 and 15.

Q2: When did the psoriasis club start the news letter?

A2: I have a record of sending the first one in 2013 to wish all our members a happy new year. But due to laws I had to make the newsletter opt-in.

Q3: What do you think that makes Psoriasis Club attractive for its members?

A3: I don't know to be honest, I would like to think it is our friendliness and support. But we have seen so many come and go over the years.

Q4: Are there scientific thoughts that form the grounding of the choice of the different types of forum chapters?

A4: Mmmm I'm thinking this means the different boards. No there are no scientific thoughts, I just try to keep it simple.

Q5: What was your reason for starting the forum when there were several on the internet you could have joined ?

A5: Simple, none out there were what I wanted. I wanted to talk about psoriasis away from the money side of things with people like me, every other psoriasis website was and still is based on money.

Q6: Why is there never a request for donations ?

A6: Again I hate the money side of things, living with psoriasis is hard enough and no one wants to be pestered for donations. Money doesn't interest me, I opted out many years ago.

Q7: How do you manage to keep it Spam and free from advertising ?

A7: We have some secret tools. But I also have some great members and the Forum Helpers watching over things.

Q8: How many countries are represented in the club?

A8: To be honest I don't know as some members prefer not to say where they live, but we have members from all over the world.

Q9: How long was it before you realised that the forum was a success and did it go the direction you thought that it would do.

A9: I'm still not sure it is a success. What is a success ? For me it is about quality rather than numbers. As for going in the direction I wanted it to, it's a very different beast than it was when I first started it but I didn't really have a plan.

Q10: How did you arrive at the rules of the club, what were your thoughts on that ?

A10: First off I wasn't using my money to promote other websites, I consulted with our first members and we all wanted to be independent. I know my rules are not liked by all, but I try to be fair.

Q11: What do you think is the best thing about the club?

A11: Our members. Over the past 10 years I have seen a lot, but it has to be the support they give to each other.

Q12: The main search engine that people go to when they want to know about anything had dropped us off the radar if just looking for psoriasis . How frustrating is it to you that we can't get the message out to mass audiences unless we pay to advertise with them ?

A12: Ha you mean Google. They can get stuffed, I have spoken with them and followed their advise, but they are only interested in money. They are not interested in Psoriasis Club and I recommend everyone finds a different search engine.

Q13: Was there any aspect of the forum you regret when you set it up and would you do anything differently if you were setting it up now.

A13: Yes I regret opening it up to the public, I should have made it an application process. I still today think it would be a better way to go as we are a "Club" after all. As for setting it up now ...................... I wouldn't.

Q14: Since the covid outbreak has there been an increased use of the health boards by guests and members

A14: No, I have been surprised. I thought there would be more especially from our members, but this has been a very quiet time on the forum this past couple of months.

Q15: How do you keep the club safe from cyber attacks and spammers

A15: Cyber attacks are handled by our hosting service, I can't give too much away but I'm happy with the arangement I have. As for spammers, they are a hobby of mine and when I catch one I share all their details with a website dedicated to rid the internet of spam.

Q16: Do you get a good Psoriasis / Home Life balance? Does Mrs Fred ever say 'blimey you're not on Psoriasis Club again are you'?

A16: Yes, I have learnt over the years that it's best for me to log-off and keep an eye on things via emails from the system. If they are important I will act, if not I wait. No Mrs Fred doesn't mind, she often asks how some of you are keeping.

Fred's Music Column

Big George Brock: Last month (April 10) we lost Big George Brock (87) He was born in Grenada, Mississippi on May 16, 1932 and at the age of eight he was working in the fields picking cotton. He once said "The blues grew like grass out of the ground." and it inspired him to learn the harmonica.

As a teenager he would play in little clubs for some extra money where he could sometimes be found playing alongside Muddy Waters. As he started moving around the country to better himself he got a job laying pipelines on Highway 61, where he met Howlin' Wolf. Wolf gave him a job as a roadie and started letting him accompany him at his gigs, at the same time he also met Memphis Minnie and jammed with her at private house parties.

In the 1950s he had a little go at being a boxer, but soon found out life as a musician would be a better career and the money was better. So he formed his own band "Big George & the Houserockers" with Albert King being the guitarist. After a while he managed to open his own nightclub Club Caravan, he also worked in his own club as a bouncer as he found his boxing training came in handy.

Over the years he turned down some record deals as he felt he could make more money from his 3 clubs, but did eventually record some albums in the 2000s which received favourable reviews and blues nominations. Big George Brock married three times and claimed to have forty-two children.
Rest in peace Big George Brock (May 16 1932 - April 10 2020)

Music Quiz: Following all your comments I have passed the music quiz over to KatT. She now has her own column each month and you can find it just below this column. Give her some feedback, and thank you KatT for taking it over.

Members recommendations: Each month I ask our members to come up with a music recommendation on a theme. This month it's Something Happy.
KatT suggested: Celebration by Kool And The Gang
D Foster suggested: Birthday by The Beatles
Raxyl suggested: I'm A Little Airplane by Modern Lovers
wooleyb suggested: Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys
Turnedlight suggested: Mr Blue Sky by ELO
Kat suggested: House Party by Sam Hunt
Caroline suggested: Dance The Night Away by The Mavericks
jiml suggested: Walking On Sunshine by Katrina And The Waves
Mrs Fred suggested: Shiny Happy People by R.E.M
JohnB suggested: Wondrous Stories by Yes
Fred suggested: Euphoria by Husky Tones

Listen on: Deezer | Spotify

*Watch out for my new thread each month where I ask for your recommendations. I also have a thread in the Members Only boards and you are welcome to pop along and give some feedback or suggestions. Find It Here

Enjoy your music, and don't forget to tune in next month.

Music Quiz with KatT

Welcome to KatT's Music Quiz: Each month I will be setting you 10 music questions, it's your job to get as many answers as possible.
Score 1 point for each correct answer.
Who Am I ?

Q1: I was born on May 24, 1941 in Duluth (US). HINT: I am the tambourine man.
Q2: I was born on May 5, 1988 in London (England) . HINT: Hello.
Q3: I was born on May 10, 1960 in Dublin (Ireland). HINT: My street has a name.
Q4: I was born on May 28, 1968 in Melbourne (Australia). HINT: Tchou tchou....my first hit.
Q5: I was born on May 8, 1975 in Madrid (Spain). HINT: I am just as popular as my father.
Q6: I was born on May 28, 1945 in Berkeley (US). HINT: I was not born on the Bayou.
Q7: I was born on May 20, 1946 in El Centro (US). HINT: I am referred to as the Goddess of Pop.
Q8: I was born on May 9, 1949 in New York (US). HINT: I am the piano man.
Q9: I was born on May 22, 1959 in Davyhulme (England). HINT: Who are the Smiths?
Q10: I was born on May 3, 1903 in Tacoma (US). HINT: I like Xmas with lots of snow.

A1: Bob Dylan
A2: Adele
A3: Bono
A4: Kylie Minogue
A5: Enrique Iglesias
A6: John Fogerty
A7: Cher
A8: Billy Joel
A9: Steven Patrick Morrissey
A10: Bing Crosby

So how many points did you get ?
  1. Why are you reading a music column.
  2. Was it really that hard ?
  3. Not bad but you must brush up on your music.
  4. One more and you would be in the 50%s.
  5. I'm impressed 50% is good.
  6. Now you're cooking.
  7. Well done I doubt many will beat that.
  8. I take my hat off to you, I only got 6 and I knew the answers.
  9. Was that luck or web searching ?
  10. You really do need to get out more. Or get in touch and I'll let you do the next one.

If you would like to leave some feedback you can post in the Newsletter thread Here

Johnb's Recipe Spot

This months the recipe is by special request. Fred has asked for a Pork Pie recipe

Now being somewhat of a pork pie aficionado I have to say this is one of the very best I have ever tasted and believe me I have waded through many many pies over the years. This was a very (unfortunately) infrequent summer picnic Mum special.

Many will argue what bestows greatness to a pork pie and I will argue till I’m blue in the face there is only one thing that makes a great pork pie. Not the filling, nope. It just has to be the pastry. Only one style of pastry should EVER be used for a pork pie and that is a Hot Water Crust pastry. Never EVER ever use shortcrust or God forbid Puff pastry.

So to start source your pig. You need a good quality pork like a loin or shoulder steak. A full loin would be ok but it does need some fat to it to ‘lubricate’ the meat as the pie cooks. Quite simply chop your meat into around 5 to 10mm chunks. Please don’t mince it - that is just plain wrong, but every single pork pie maker makes the same mistake sadly. You will need around 0.7 to 1kg of pork for a decent pie. Just add salt and pepper to the pork – nothing else!

So for the crust; Sift 500g of plain flour and 2 teaspoons of salt into a large mixing bowl and make a small well in the middle. Take 110g of lard (you could use a veggie based hard fat but . . . . . . . . .) and put into a pan with 280ml of water. Bring it to the boil and pour straight into the flour. Use a good sturdy wooden spoon to mix into a dough. Cover in cling film and rest for 20 minutes.

Turn the pastry onto a lightly floured surface. Separate a third for the lid and gently roll the rest to fit a lined loaf tin. Now hot water crust pastry isn't the best to roll out and is best done while still very warm... It’s best to get it somewhere close then mould it by hand into the tin. Slap the chopped pork into the pie then roll the lid as best you can, damp the edges of the pie with a little water so the lid sticks, plop the lid on and crimp the edges to seal using you finger and thumb. Brush the pie with a beaten egg, not forgetting a vent hole in the lid and whack it into an oven pre -heated to 180ºC/ 350ºF/ Gas 4 for around an hour.

Let it cool. I know this is the hard bit!!!!

Now you can add a jelly through the hole if you really must. Personally I hate the stuff and neither does the rest of my family so it never went anywhere near. If you do want it, it is a simple pork stock with a couple of leaves of gelatin added.

To serve;

Generously slice and serve with a good strong pickled onion, a nice relish and a dollop of good old English mustard – only Colemans mind! I suppose to balance things out the plate should have a little something green on, a small green salad maybe if you must?
The only thing is who gets the end bits because lets face it these are THE best bits. Bagsy one mine!!! Just be aware this pie doesn't keep too well as the crust looses its crunch after a couple of days but chances are it wont last that long.

If you don't have an oblong tin you can use a round one but then you don't get an end. That's so wrong

To wash down has to be a nice hoppy chilled beer, an IPA or a German lager or even a wheat beer would go great.

To read more recipes or add your own Click here

Members Photos

Im always pleased when members submit photos for use in the newsletter and each month our members can choose 1 image to show on the newsletter and I'm always pleased to add them This months theme is Animals

1 / 8
Johnb Feed me now
2 / 8
Fred Chatting to my neighbours
3 / 8
jiml Just too cute
4 / 8
Mrs Fred Meet Mr Ugly
5 / 8
D Foster Very busy day
6 / 8
Raxyl Something uniquely Australian
7 / 8
Wooleyb Up close and personal
8 / 8
Caroline Taken out of a boat

* All images are property of the member mentioned below the image.

See more members photos Here


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Psoriasis Club Newsletter


These members have a birthday this month showing in their profile. Maybe you would like to send them a PM on their special day. Or you could start a new thread in Off Topic

Psoriasis Club 10 years old this month

8th May Marcia 1966

23rd May KyPrincess

28th May Will20

31st May psoriasisclub

Happy Birthday to you.



First off I should point out that none of us at Psoriasis Club are medical professionals and you should follow the advice from your own healthcare system, we are just people like you living with psoriasis.

I have spent a lot of time looking for information as it's starting to worry some of our members, and as far I can see there is no reason for anyone taking a treatment for their psoriasis to stop.

Yes we have a recognised immune problem and this can be made worse with some treatments, but as far as I can find the recommendation is to continue with our current treatments.

I will continue to monitor the Covid-19 and Psoriasis news and update this thread if I have anything official to tell you.

You can read more here HERE

Top Tips for newly diagnosed

Read: You have Psoriasis, try to get some knowledge about your disease, it will make you a better partner for your dermatologist in order to find the best treatment for you.

Get a referral: Don't keep going to a General Practitioner (GP) who can only prescribe creams and ointments, if it's not clearing up ask for a referral to a dermatologist who has a full arsenal of treatments to help.

Tell: Tell your dermatologist all your problems not just about the skin, tell them how it affects your day to day life If you don't they will think you aren't bothered and possibly give you an inferior cheap treatment

Scams: Watch out for scams, there is no cure but you will find a lot of contradictions to that which are designed to empty your wallet and make the scammers rich.

To see the full list of top tips Or if you have one to share Click Here

Poetry section

Turnedlights poetry corner


Rain, rain go away
Please come back at close of day
When clouds roll out
And sun you hide
It amplifies
The rain inside

Rain, rain go away
Take a break, just for today
And let the sun
Chase blues away
Don’t paint my sky
In shades of grey

Rain, rain go away
Please come back another day
We cannot live
Without your touch
All living things
Need you so much

But rain - please go away
Give us clear skies, just for today
To lift me up
And set me free
I need the sun
To shine on me

Author Turnedlight

To read more poems or add your own Click Here

Thought of the month

The fate of mankind is in the hands of fools.

From “Epitaph” by King Crimson, very old, still true.

To see more thoughts of the day Click Here

Huggamug Coffee Shop

Now open

This is proving a popular addition to the clubs off topic section


Why not come on over and have a virtual coffee and slice of cake . Here's a place you don't need to keep your distance and can come and sit around one of our virtual tables for a chat
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What our members say

Here are a few random quotes from members of Psoriasis Club, they are taken from posts that are visible to the public and are all unsolicited.

"I feel better for being able to talk to people on here who are going through the same thing. - Sophiedophie"

"Thank goodness for people like you and forums like this - Imapsomom"

"I really appreciate having this forum - Hawklight"

"I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the support you guys have all given me over the past few days - MarcusScone"

"I am so happy to find a support group where everyone truly cares. - SadieMae1"

"Y'all are so awesome with all the feedback. I don't feel so alone anymore. - SnarkyTexan"

"Glad to be here, this seems like a great group - Coffeeplease"

"Thanks to all the persons of this great forum - sunnyman"

"Thanks for the warm welcome - KatT"

"So glad I found this forum - GirlFromTexas"

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