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Psoriasis Club Newsletter

December 2020

Welcome to your December newsletter.

This has been a busy month for the club on the off topic boards but not the psoriasis health boards. Sadly we are still not getting very high on the google ratings and lots of sufferers are not able to find us.
In the past we have been able to claw our way up the search engine rankings but unfortunately Google only promote you if you pay for advertising space. It might help if some of us looked specifically for psoriasis club on google before logging in, then their algorithms may pick up we are being searched for and promote us that way

I have been editing the newsletter for the last 4 years and have enjoyed doing it immensely, but I have talked to Fred and asked if I could step aside and let someone else take it on. I'm getting older and have strong family pressures on my time so decided that this will be my last one

Fred is happy to take over so it should appear a seamless transition. And the usual columns will still continue with KatT's Music Column , Turnedlights Poetry, and JohnB's recipes along with members pictures.

I would like to thank all members for subscribing to the newsletter I have found it rewarding reading all the feedback over the years. I would particularly like to thank all that have sent in contributions and our regular contributors and finally I'd like to thank Fred who gave me the opportunity to edit it for so long and for taking control back from the end of the year

Moving on
I do hope your psoriasis is under control and your treatment is working. There have been a few advances in treatments with new drugs coming on stream for both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis....if you are struggling with a treatment why not pop in and see what's new in treatments as it could help you when you're next with a dermatologist.

So pop in and have a read Prescribed Treatments

Why not drop in for a chat we have lots of threads in the off topic section including the chatting thread where you can write about anything and if you do someone will soon reply. You can access it Here.

The off topic has been as busy as ever and games and quiz board is proving very popular . Why not pop in and have a bit of fun. Games and Quizzes Here.

If you're a guest reading this, feel free to browse through the links here and join if you want to see more. Some off topic items may not be available to you as a guest but all the health boards are.
The forum team have been busy keeping an eye on the Club and are there for you, so if you can't find something you are looking for or if you aren't sure how to do something, we are here to help just click the link below to make contact HERE.

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This months stats

7 New Members | 20 New Threads | 2102 New Posts

This months new members

rleclair - YvonS - MacSwifty - ptree - strongestform - Phillipe Piels - pauloshea93

New Introductions and Members treatments

ptree wrote about plant based diet

I have been on a PBD (plant based diet) for 2 years. My psoriasis slowly got worse with natural treatment (beeswax, avocado oil, almond oil, shea, vit E, coconut, cocao combinations). I have just started a Dovobet ointment treatment.

I think exercise is important and I do eat meat occasionally. I use grapeseed oil to make pancakes and fry onions and garlic. I have one or 2 drinks of alcohol a day. Click here to read more

Kat asks about psoriatic arthritis

So, short history few years back I had tingling in my pinky finger after nerve conductivity turned out I had cubital tunnel syndrome so they moved the nerve, then about a year after that same thing in my other hand. I mention this only as it could pertain to the current issue.

About 4-5 days ago I woke up with my left arm feeling asleep from the elbow down into my hand..... Click here to Read more

To read more or to start a thread about your treatment or update your own ........... Click here

Psoriasis News and other related items

Sun Pharma have published 5 year results for Ilumya /Ilumetri

Sun Pharma today announced that one of its wholly owned subsidiaries presented positive, five-year Phase 3 data for ILUMYA® (tildrakizumab-asmn) from the combined reSURFACE 1 and reSURFACE 2 extension studies. Patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis who continued to receive ILUMYA through five years of continuous treatment maintained consistent and extensive skin clearance with no new safety issues reported. These data were presented for the first time at the 29th European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) Virtual Congress.“These results are important as we now have five-year data reinforcing our understanding that ILUMYA may provide patients with sustained skin clearance and a well understood safety profile that was comparable to placebo,”said Richard Langley,M.D.,FRCPC, professor of medicine and director of research, Department of Medicine, Dalhousie University. “ILUMYA is a valued option for patients in the treatment of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis, and these findings are reassuring for physicians and their patients living with this chronic disease.”In an analysis of the pooled reSURFACE 1 and reSURFACE 2 extension studies, patients received ILUMYA100mg or 200mg through five years of continuous treatment. ILUMYA 100mg is approved in the U.S., Japan and Australia, and 200 mg is additionally approved under the brand name ILUMETRI™ in Europe Read more here

Bristol Myers have published Deucravacitiniboral psoriasis treatment phase 3 results

Bristol Myers Squibb today announced positive results from POETYK PSO-1, the first pivotal Phase 3 trial evaluating deucravacitinib (BMS-986165), a novel, oral, selective tyrosine kinase 2 (TYK2) inhibitor, for the treatment of patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. POETYK PSO-1 evaluated 6 mg of deucravacitinib once daily and met both co-primary endpoints versus placebo, with more patients achieving Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) 75, defined as at least a 75 percent improvement in PASI, and a static Physician’s Global Assessment (sPGA) score of clear or almost clear (sPGA 0/1) after 16 weeks of treatment with deucravacitinib.

The trial also met multiple key secondary endpoints, including showing deucravacitinib was superior to Otezla® (apremilast) in the proportion of patients reaching a PASI 75 response and sPGA 0/1 at Week 16. The overall safety profile of deucravacitinib in the POETYK PSO-1 trial was consistent with previously reported Phase 2 results. read more here

Cosentyx helps synovitis in psoriatic arthritis patients

Novartis announced 12-week results from the first-of-its-kind Phase IIIb ULTIMATE randomized controlled trial, which demonstrated the significant treatment response of Cosentyx® (secukinumab) on synovitis (joint lining inflammation) in psoriatic arthritis (PsA) versus placebo. Synovitis was assessed using an advanced and sensitive imaging technique called Power Doppler ultrasonography (PDUS). These data are being presented at the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) All-Virtual Annual Meeting, November 5-9, 2020. Read more here

Tremfya improved fatigue in patients with psoriatic arthritis

The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson today announced data from two Phase 3 clinical trials, DISCOVER-1 and DISCOVER-2, which showed TREMFYA® (guselkumab) improved fatigue in adult patients with active psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and maintained response through 52 weeks of active treatment, as measured by the Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy-Fatigue (FACIT-F) Scale. TREMFYA improved fatigue during the placebo-controlled periods of both studies at week 24, and through one year of active treatment. In both studies, TREMFYA had positive effect on fatigue, in addition to other clinical outcomes, including ACR20 response. TREMFYA is FDA-approved for administration as a 100 mg subcutaneous (SC) injection every eight weeks (q8w), following two starter doses at weeks 0 and 4. read more here

Want more?

A lot of members only threads and journals have been updated, come and see if there are more replies on your thread ... why not log-in and have a quick look around.

Off Topic Board | Members Photo's | The Ask Threads

*There are other members only boards. But as it depends on how many posts you have made and what group you are in I won't add them here. The only way to see them is to make more posts.

Music with KatT

Welcome to music with KatT. Where you can test your music knowledge and see/listen to other member's recommendations

Music Quiz: Score 1 point for each correct answer. This should be another easy one!

Who is the artist that had a role in the movie? (multiple choice)

Movie: Artist:

#1: Funny Girl #A: Cher

#2: Labyrinth #B: Ringo Starr

#3: Moonstruck #C: Tina Turner

#4: Grease #D: Debbie Harry

#5: Videodrome #E: Courtney Love

#6: Evita #F: Olivia Newton John

#7: The Bodyguard #G: Barbara Streisand

#8: The People vs. Larry Flynt #H: David Bowie

#9: Caveman #I: Whitney Houston

#10: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome #J: Madonna

1 goes with G
2 goes with H
3 goes with A
4 goes with F
5 goes with D
6 goes with J
7 goes with I
8 goes with E
9 goes with B
10 goes with C

Members recommendations: Each month I ask our members to come up with a music recommendation on a theme. This month it's Names
Kat suggested: Feed Jake by Pirates of the Mississippi
Raxyl suggested: Lady Marmalade by G Flip
Turnedlight suggested: Layla by Eric Clapton
D Foster suggested: The Wind Cries Mary by Jimi Hendrix
Caroline suggested: Fred by Rodney Carrington
jiml suggested: That`s Not My Name by the Ting Tings
wooleyb suggested: Valerie by Amy Winehouse
Fred suggested: Rosie by Betty Bonifassi
Mrs Fred suggested: Geno by Dexys Midnight Runners
JohnB suggested: Biko by Peter Gabriel
KatT suggested: Tom Sawyer by Rush

Listen on: Deezer | Spotify

If you would like to leave some feedback you can post in the Newsletter thread Here

Johnb's Recipe Spot

Creamy, Cheesy Mexican(ish) Orzo(tto)

I have to admit I have struggled to think of something for this month that has a ‘Seasonal’ bent, having burnt out my repertoire. Then Mrs John found this recipe and although it sounds odd is somewhat a revelation and sort of fulfils the seasonal bit with the Turkey.

This is a bit of a schizophrenic fusion dish. It’s part Italian using pasta, cooked like a risotto and part Mexican, flavoured with fajita seasoning. Now I am not one for using packets or jars of stuff when it is normally just as easy to do it yourself but in this case I am happy to use the packet mix.

So down to business.
In a nice sized casserole pan, fry off 400g of turkey mince with a large diced onion and a couple of bell peppers diced the same size as the onions over a high heat for 5 or 6 minutes and the veggies have softened up. Then throw in 2 teaspoons of garlic granules and a good 2 fat tablespoons of your preferred Fajita mix (it will stand a hot mix if you like it piquant) giving it a good mix.

A tablespoon of tomato puree then needs stirring in, followed by 600ml of chicken stock (a stock cube will do). Stir in 200g of Orzo pasta, just make sure the pasta hasn’t clumped up and it is covered by the stock.
Reduce the heat so the dish simmers nicely and cover. Carry on cooking for around 20 minutes. Just a word of warning please give it a stir frequently or it will catch and you will end up chiselling off a nasty crust from the bottom of your dish.

As it comes to the end of the simmer time, keep checking the pasta is cooked, (you don't want to over cook the pasta as it will end up with an odd texture). By now most of the liquid should have been absorbed. If it hasn’t, tip out most of it, the dish doesn't want to be like a sloppy risotto. Then stir in the juice of a lemon and a big handful of fresh coriander (aka cilantro). Quick tip – ping your lemon for 15 seconds on full in the microwave and give it a roll between your hands before halving and juicing - you get so much more out of it.
Grate around 120g of a nice sharp Cheddar cheese and stir into the dish, sprinkle a couple of finely sliced spring onions (scallions) over the lot and serve.

To serve
As this dish is quite runny with a decent amount of tasty sauce, you might want to provide a couple of warm flatbreads to ‘mop up’.

Now I think to accompany a good cold Mexican beer would go down nicely with this. Corona anyone? Too soon?

To read more recipes or add your own Click here

Members Photos

I'm always pleased when members submit photos for use in the newsletter and each month our members can choose 1 image to show on the newsletter and I'm always pleased to add them. This months theme is Christmas or the Season of Goodwill

1 / 6
Johnb Remember when it was like this every winter
2 / 6
jiml Local Department store dressed for Christmas
3/ 6
D FosterChristmastime
4 / 6
Raxyl Christmas Tasmania Style
5 / 6
Caroline The lights are already on
6 / 6
Kat Riley at Christmastime

* All images are property of the member mentioned below the image.

See more members photos Here


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Psoriasis Club Newsletter


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Joke Slot

Pete phones an ambulance because his mate's been hit by a car.

Pete: 'Get an ambulance here quick, he's bleeding from his nose and ears and I think both his legs are broken.'

Operator: 'What is your location sir?'

Pete: 'Outside number 28 Eucalyptus Street .'

Operator: 'How do you spell that sir?'

Silence.... (heavy breathing) and after a minute.Operator: 'Are you there sir?'

More heavy breathing and another minute later.

Operator: 'Sir, can you hear me?'

This goes on for another few minutes until....

Operator: 'Sir, please answer me. Can you still hear me?'

Pete: 'Yes, sorry about that... I couldn't spell eucalyptus, so I just dragged him round to number 3 Oak Street .'

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Poetry section

Turnedlights poetry corner

Psoriasis Christmas

To be read or sung to the tune of the Shakin Stevens song "Merry Christmas Everyone"

Snow is falling
All around us
Itchy scratching
It’s the season
To be extra flaky
Merry Christmas everyone

With psoriasis
And central heating
People scratching
All night long
Time for bath oil
And for moisturiser
Time for singing Christmas songs

We’re gonna have a party tonight
Exchanging tips
And chatting to friends
On psoriasis club
The banter never ends

Fred is swaying
Records playing
Jim is crooning
Kat sings along
Caroline says
Each flaky day is Christmas
Merry Christmas everyone

We’re gonna have a party tonight
Exchanging tips
And chatting to friends
On psoriasis club
The banter never ends

Snow is falling
All round Grizzly
What he needs is
A bit of sun
It’s the season
To be extra flaky
Merry Christmas everyone!

Author Turnedlight

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