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January 2021

Hello everyone,
Well that was a strange year wasn't it ?, we certainly won't forget 2020.
This thread What about the corona virus? in the members only section has attracted a huge amount of posts over the year, why not pop in and add your comments to this moment of history.

You may have read that Jim is taking a sabbatical from the newsletter and I'm back in the editors chair. It's been almost 4 years since I last made the newsletter and I have never used the current format so expect some mistakes. I'm going to play around with it a little and hope you like what I'm doing, and don't forget our members are welcome to give feedback (good or bad) Here

A big thank you to Jim for all his past work, enjoy your sabbatical mate.

Ok let's get on with the show, I hope you enjoy my first newsletter. And I'll take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very happy and healthy New Year.


New threads on the psoriasis boards

CJM112 for psoriasis safety and efficacy study

96 patients were enrolled in this study (SAD, n=42; MD, n=54). In SAD, CJM112 doses from 15 mg and above demonstrated higher PASI responses compared to placebo at Week 12. CJM112 450 mg did not add further ..........
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ADX-629 starts phase 2 for psoriasis, covid 19 and atopic asthma

Aldeyra Therapeutics announced the initiation of Phase 2 clinical trials of ADX-629, a first-in-class orally administered reactive aldehyde species (RASP) inhibitor, for the treatment of COVID-19, atopic asthma, and psoriasis. ..........
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Can I have Covid vaccine with my psoriasis treatment

There are two types of vaccine. "Live (attenuated vaccine)" and "Dead (inactivated vaccine") currently 4 Live and 19 Dead are in the running. 0 Live and 5 Dead are in human trials, the 5 Dead vaccines are being ..........
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Hello from Switzerland

Hi everyone, my name is Charles. I have psoriasis since teenage in 1984 (after a serie of strep throat) and as most of us i went throught all kind of treatment from coaltar, steroid, UV, neotigason (30 years)....and luckily I was ..........
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Poll: Psoriasis Covid Vaccine

Now covid vaccines are starting to appear we have a new poll asking if you would be happy taking the vaccine. The poll is open to members and guests, our members can also leave a comment if they wish. ..........
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Threads with updates last month

Stelara - On Way by Angie: .......... Read the update Here

Tremfya for psoriatic arthritis by Fred: .......... Read the update Here

Stats from last month

On the forum we have 15 New Threads and 1908 New Posts

Welcome to our new members....

- Pariah - Picot verde - Charles2021 - Just Ducky -

Music with KatT

Welcome to music with KatT. Where you can test your music knowledge and see/listen to other member's recommendations

Music Quiz: Score 1 point for each correct answer.

Which group was once known as? (multiple choice)

Former group name: New group name:

#1: The Invaders #A: The Who

#2: Roundabout #B: The Human League

#3: Frantic Elevators #C: The Boomtown Rats

#4: Fire of London #D: Simply Red

#5: Farris Brothers #E: Deep Purple

#6: Cafe Racers #F: Madness

#7: Executive #G: Inxs

#8: Nightlife Thugs #H: Ultravox

#9: The High Numbers #I: Wham

#10: Dead Daughters #J: Dire Straits

1 goes with F
2 goes with E
3 goes with D
4 goes with H
5 goes with G
6 goes with J
7 goes with I
8 goes with C
9 goes with A
10 goes with B

Members recommendations: Each month I ask our members to come up with a music recommendation on a theme. This month it's Family.
wooleyb suggested: Hey Brother by Avicii
jiml suggested: Slipping Through My Fingers by ABBA
Raxyl suggested: Embarrassement by Madness
Caroline suggested: He Ain`t Heavy, He`s My Brother by The Hollies
Kat suggested: My Front Porch Looking In by Lonestar
D Foster suggested: Family Man by Fleetwood Mac
Fred suggested: Don`t Jump Off The Roof Dad by Tommy Cooper
Mrs Fred suggested: Stay by Shakespears Sister
JohnB suggested: Bring Your Daughter ...To The Slaughter by Iron Maiden
KatT suggested: Dégénérations by Mes Aieux

Listen on: Deezer | Spotify

If you would like to leave some feedback you can post in the Newsletter thread Here

Johnb's Recipe Spot

Beef Biryani

Well I don’t know about you lot, but I’m absolutely stuffed from all the festive munchies and associated junk food. And what’s the best thing to cure all that stuffed feeling I hear you ask? Its obvious - a right good curry. Now I have to own up here I have tried to make a few curries from scratch and its safe to say its a good job there are takeaways – they are something I will have to practice. This recipe however was one of those that did work for me. It is fussy but well worth it.

There are quite a few ingredients (it should serve around 6) so here goes get your camouflage gear on and hunt down the following:

100ml full fat milk (anything else is just coloured water. Did you know they add titanium dioxide to skim milk to make it look white? If they didn’t it would have a blue tinge!)
1 tsp Saffron threads
1kg Braising Steak (in bite sized chunks)
135ml Sunflower oil
4 onions
4 garlic cloves – oh chuck a load in they taste of nowt anyway these days.
25g of finely chopped ginger – leave the skin on if you want it a bit ‘warmer’ Peel if not.
2 fresh red chilies de-seeded and de veined – leave the seeds and veins in if you want it ‘warmer’.
500ml water
5 cloves
2 tsp of cumin seeds
2 tsp coriander seeds
about 25mm of cinnamon stick
2½ tsp sea salt flakes
12 cardamom pods
½ a nutmeg grated
200ml natural plain yoghurt
2 bay leaves
2 tsp castor sugar
325g basmati rice
50g butter
Fresh ground black pepper
40g flaked almonds
50g sultanas
3 large eggs
fresh coriander leaves
4 tbsp fresh coriander chopped

So deep breath in - big swig of some liquid anaesthetic and here we go . . . . .

Gently warm some milk up in a pan and add the saffron leaving on the heat for a few minutes. Set aside for a couple of hours or overnight if you can.

Roughly chop a couple of onions and blitz up with the ginger, chilies, garlic and 50ml of water in a blender to a smooth paste.
Toast the cumin, coriander, cloves and cardamom in a hot dry frying pan for a few moments to get the flavours pumping. Pulverise all these spices along the cinnamon, 1½ tsp salt to a fine powder in a pestle and mortar. Tip this into the onion paste with a good grind of pepper and mix well.

Trim the beef into bite sized chunks and fry a few at a time in a very hot pan to brown. Don’t throw it all in at once or the meat will stew rather than brown and chances are it will end up tough. Season each batch with a little of the salt and a good grind of black pepper. Transfer the cooked beef into a large lidded sauce pan. Don't clean the pan when you have finished all that stuff in the pan is flavour just add the onion paste into the pan over a medium heat and cook, stirring until the onions are lightly browned.

When they are onion mush is there put in the pan over a medium heat and combine nicely with the beef for around 10 minutes. Mix in the yoghurt, the rest of the water and the bay leaves. Reduce the heat and bring to a low simmer. Cover and simmer for a good 1½ hours stirring occasionally, until the beef is tender. Uncover, add the sugar, increase the heat a bit to a healthy simmer, and cook further for around 10 minutes until the sauce is reduced and nice and thick.

Now down to the garnishes. Toast the flaked almonds in a dry frying pan for a few moments over a medium hat for a few moments – just don’t burn them! Add the sultanas give a quick stir and tip into a bowl to cool.

Thinly slice the remaining two onions frying them off until they are a nice golden brown colour in a couple of tablespoons of the oil. Put to one side for later once done.

Hard boil the eggs for nine minutes then plunge them into iced water to stop them from cooking further and prevent that nasty black/grey layer between the yolk and white from forming.

Rinse the basmati rice in a copious amount of cold water to wash the excess starch off it. Then bring a large half full pan of water with a teaspoon of salt, throw in the rice and boil for five minutes. Drain the rice well and stir in the chopped fresh coriander.

Spoon half the beef mix into an ovenproof casserole dish, then half the rice. Scatter over half the fried onions, drizzle half the saffron milk concoction. Repeat the layering finishing off with several dots of butter. Cover tightly with a couple of sheets of aluminium foil, sealing tightly. Pop into an over preheated to 180ºC/350ºF/Gas 4. For around a half an hour.

Remove the foil fluff the rice with a fork and scatter the almond – sultana mix over along with the hardboiled eggs that have been quartered and a good bunch of chopped fresh coriander leaves.

Oh boy that looks god enough to eat!
Right to serve place the casserole dish in the middle of the table and let everyone help themselves. Provide several nice thick ,warm, buttery Naan breads to scoop up the biryani. Who needs a fork?

Accompany with – it only be beer. A nice cold Cobra or even a St Austells Proper Job would help wash the dish down nicely.

To read more recipes or add your own Click here

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Notice board:

Someone has been taking pins from the notice board. Every time we add a new notice we have to use a new pin, I don't know what you are doing with them but can you please stop taking ours and buy a box of your own.

Refurbishment of the bar:

The Psoriasis Club bar will be closed from 04 January whilst the workers are in giving it a full refurbishment. Wooley is in charge of the choice of walppaper, so don't blame me if it's a bit "Laura Ashley" All going well we should reopen by the 15th.

Night school:

This month we have belly dancing lessons. Two instructors available and you can join the group you feel most comfortable with. Group A is run by Caroline. Group B is run by Dave. Caroline's class is almost full, but there are still plenty of spaces for Dave's.

See you all next month

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Psoriasis Club Newsletter

Off topic snippets

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Does she do it while riding the motorcycle
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I'll bring a broom, since I usually get stuck
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To name a few good things in 2020
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So I guess a serviette is out of the question
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Turnedlight's poetry corner

My solace

This is the morning
Bright and still
This is the mist
Which blankets the hill
Here are the birds
Wild and free
Here is the silence
Covering me

There are the people
With vacuous thought
No love for the silence
No solitude sought
Prescribing the actions
To fill up a day
These narcissists
Work hard at their play

Here are more people
You’re likely to meet
The joggers and cyclists
With PBs to beat
A scripted timetable
To plan life away
The unwitting actors
Performing their play

This is the morning
Bright and still
This is the sun
Rising over the hill
Here is my heart
Wild and free
Here is the silence
Enveloping me

Author Turnedlight

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Members images

Each month I invite our members to have an image on the newsletter.

This months subject is Doors

*Click on image to see full size

Caroline Protective door for access to the garden

jiml Door to lookout tower on Aldeburgh beach Suffolk UK

D Foster Keep out . My G and T store

Kat Stall Door

Raxyl What's in the shed

Bill Old car

wolleyb Doorway of a beautiful church in Elche, Alicante

Mrs Fred No entry

Fred Don't let em out

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