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July 2021

Hello everyone,

Good to see some old faces popping in to give updates last month, we appreciate the input and your information could be helping others on their choices of treatments. So keep it up, it only takes a couple of minutes to give an update. Good or bad it all helps keep the forum active, so thank you.

As I write this it's Summer time now for us in the Northern Hemisphere. I've never been a sun worshipper and tend to keep most of my body covered, but I always end up with two tone arms and what looks like a tide mark around my neck. I wonder if some people will end up with a two tone face because of wearing the covid mask for two years now.

Will any of you manage to get your annual holiday this year or have you found a new way to take a break ? Why not pop in and start a new thread in the members only section Here and share your experience. Who knows someone may actually enjoy seeing your photos instead of you boring all your family and friends this year.

Ok let's get on with the show.


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Siliq / Kyntheum vs Stelara

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Poll: Have you ever achieved psoriasis remission ?

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Music with KatT

Welcome to music with KatT: Where you can test your knowledge on music and see other member's music recommendation!

Music Quiz: Score 1 point for each correct answer.

Random questions with multiple choice

Question: Answer:

#1: Which band recorded the Joshua Tree? #A: Blondie

#2: Who put a Message in A Bottle? #B: The Monkees

#3: Money For Nothing was an 80s No 1 for which band? #C: Tom Petty

#4: Who fronted The Heartbreakers? #D: Pink Floyd

#5: Which 60s icon was backed by The Band? #E: Dire Straits

#6: Which band produced the album Dark Side Of The Moon? #F: Bob Dylan

#7: Which band recorded the album Parallel Lines? #G: Police

#8: Tusk was a best selling album for which band? #H: Foreigner

#9: Mickey Dolenz was in which 60s sensation group? #I: U2

#10: Which band sang I want to Know What Love is? #J: Fleetwood Mac

1 goes with I
2 goes with G
3 goes with E
4 goes with C
5 goes with F
6 goes with D
7 goes with A
8 goes with J
9 goes with B
10 goes with H

Members recommendations: Each month I ask our members to come up with a music recommendation on a theme. This month it's Trees.
Raxyl suggested: Flame Trees by Jessica Maugoy
D Foster suggested: Cactus Tree by Joni Mitchell
Kat suggested: Meet in The Middle by Diamond Rio
Caroline suggested: Don’t Stop Swaying by Sophie B Hawkins
Turnedlight suggested: Norwegian Wood by The Beatles
Fred suggested: Hangman’s Tree by Ben Granfelt
Mrs. Fred suggested: No More Walks in The Wood by Eagles
jiml suggested: Coconut Tree by Mohombi featuring Nichole Sherzinger
Wooley suggested: A Thousand Trees by Stereophonics
YvonS suggested: A Forest by The Cure
KatT suggested: Trees by Twenty One Pilots

Listen on: Deezer | Spotify

If you would like to leave some feedback you can post in the Newsletter thread Here

Johnb's Recipe Spot

Baked Greek Orzo and Feta

Back to normal this month away from all that salady stuff. This month its a quick and very tasty bake. Perfect for a quick supper.

Start off by preheating your oven to 220ºC / 425ºF / Gas mark 7

If we are lucky Poly should be able to furnish us with a few goodies again, so we want a nice finely chopped onion, a couple of fat cloves of garlic, finely chopped. A de-seeded chopped red pepper and around 150g of halved cherry tomatoes. Toss all of this in the juice and zest of a big fat lemon and a drizzle of olive oil along with a tablespoon of dried Oregano. Transfer it all into a decent casserole dish and stick in the oven.

After around 15 minutes stir in 300g of Orzo pasta, 50g of baby leaf spinach, a small handful of finely chopped fresh mint leaves along with 800ml of vegetable stock (a cube is fine). Give it a good grind of pepper and a sprinkle of salt, give it another stir and return it to the oven.

After another 15 minutes stir it all again and sprinkle over 90g of Feta cheese cut into smallish cubes. As a nice option you can sprinkle over 2 tablespoons of sunflower seeds for some crunch. Return to the oven for another 10 minutes until the cheese and seeds are singed a nice toasty brown.

Serve in a nice dish along with hunks of bread. I think a warm freshly baked olive foccacia would do nicely.

To accompany
When I tried this for the first time the first thing that came to mind was “Ooo wouldn’t a nicely chilled Retsina go well with this”. Then I came to my senses. Outside of Greece Retsina ALWAYS taste like turpentine so avoid it. Go for a chilled Greek beer instead.


Next month I fancy cake

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Talking gin with D Foster

Gin is like sex in many ways, you find five or six positions that you tend to favor but you are not adverse to trying anything new that comes along. I find that I have in my cupboard a selection of five gins that I like and keep on stock but these can be supplemented at times with repeats of ones I have tried before with the odd new one that I have come across.

My present stock is -----

Bombay Sapphire: A London Dry gin which is very smooth and complex, a bit citrus and juniper with a light spicy edge. good everyday tipple.

Sipsmith London: Made in very traditional copper distillery by hand in small batches. Orange zest, orange blossom honey lends complexity with a traditional piney juniper with slight hints of angelica root musk and licorice. Almost as perfect as you can get.

Brooklyn Gin: A craft spirit made in New York with fresh citrus peels and hand-cracked juniper. This gin is fresh, complex, and flavorful. It’s good enough to drink on its own.

J J Whitley London Dry Gin: Eight botanicals including orange peel, lemon peel, juniper, angelic seeds, corriador seeds, liquorice, cassia bark and orris root. Not an expensive one but quite a reasonable one.

Caorunn: Distilled in Scotland and a bit usual with rowan-berry infused gin gives it a lively fruity flavor and a dry crisp taste.

A few others to look out for are Martin Miller’s which is quite unique with it’s blend of botanicals and method of distilling gives it a really good depth of flavor.

Now we come to a surprise The elegantly smooth and complex taste that you experience when you sip Greyson's London Dry Gin is best described as bright citrus and juniper flavours, intertwined with a delicately refined finish. Very good gin which is even more surprising when you learn that it’s from ALDI.

I also drink ALDI tonic in my gin as I have tried many different ones and I have found that it’s as good as most others, Fevertree and Schweppes are just not to my taste.

Cheers David

If you would like to leave some feedback you can post in the Newsletter thread Here


Are these real:

I was recently asked if these memos are real. Well you can see them so yes they are real, as for the content that is up to you to decide. I think they are real, but then I do tend to write them after a few glasses of Merlot.

Bingo machine:

The old bingo machine has broken so we have invested in a new one, well when I say new I mean it's new to us. Apparently it was once used to train tennis players and has been converted, we have been advised to tell the caller to wear a crash helmet.

See you all next month


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One leaped to mind instantly for me, hope you all like it
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Hopefully it will all go well as they get rid of the cobwebs
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We have a new family member, this is Willow
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It’s amazing isn’t it, it’s really come up fast.
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Three peneth of chips and a ninepenny fish
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Turnedlight's poetry corner

A couple of limericks this month for a change.

The centipede he took up dancing
Tried ballroom, but got in a flap
With one hundred shoes
All his feet got confused
So decided his best dance was tap

The magpies were chattering madly
In the garden they spotted a cat
They made such a racket
The cat couldn’t hack it
And he shot from the spot where he sat

Author Turnedlight

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Members images

Each month I invite our members to have an image on the newsletter.

This months subject is Wheels

*Click on image to see full size

CCAZ Seattle Great Wheel

Raxyl On track

D Foster Full steam ahead

Caroline The Hells Angels on tour

jiml Granddaughter beside the Wash Monster pleasure craft

KatT We each have our four wheel drive

Mrs Fred Was a working wheel

Fred A couple of old renaults

* All images are property of the member mentioned below the image.

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