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August 2021

Hello everyone,

I'm going to dedicate this months newsletter to Riley, there she is on the right. Riley was a family pet of one of our members. I remember seeing pictures of Riley as a pup and I feel like I know her. No we don't just talk about psoriasis, some of us also share moments close to our hearts with other members. If you are a member and would like to see more pictures of Riley you can Here Rest In Peace Riley (December 5, 2013 - July 13, 2021)

Went to see a friend of a friend the other day to get some work done on my car and we got talking about psoriasis (as you do) and I was surprised that he knew of three people that had psoriasis. It got me thinking that people must be talking about it more to their friends than we did in the old days. I hope you all have someone to talk to today, and don't forget there is always someone at Psoriasis Club willing to listen.

Gonna have to mention the weather. I don't know about where you live, but for us it's been a very strange year. For the first time ever we had to put the heating back on one evening last month as it was so cold, and we have been spending most of our time in the garden removing leaves from our spuds that had got blight instead of chasing colorado beetle. As I type this it's started bloody raining again.

Ok let's get on with the show.


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Plaque, Guttate, Inverse, Pustular, Erythrodermic and Psoriatic.


Creams, Light therapy, Tablets, Injections, Natural and Diet.


Remission is possible but most of the time it will need managing.


There is No Cure don't believe information that says otherwise.

Music with KatT

Welcome to music with KatT: Where you can test your knowledge on music and see other member's music recommendation!

Music Quiz: Score 1 point for each correct answer.

Determine who is the artist. With multiple choice

Question: Answer:

#1: I was the Italian member of The Three Tenors. I passed away #A: Andrea Bocelli

#2: I am called The World Most Beloved Tenor. I am blind #B: Placido Domingo

#3: I recorded and performed with Freddy Mercury #C: Luciano Pavarotti

#4: I sang Perhaps Love with John Denver #D: Montserrat Caballé

#5: I sang The Diva Dance for the movie The Fifth Element #E: José Carreras

#6: I was part of The Three Tenors. I am Spanish and tall #F: Inva Mula

#7: Stevie Wonder wrote a song specifically to preform it with me

#8: I sang Time to Say Goodbye with Sarah Brightman

#9: I was a member of The Three Tenors. I am Spanish and shorter than my two counterparts

#10: I sang with Tony Bennet

1 goes with C
2 goes with A
3 goes with D
4 goes with B
5 goes with F
6 goes with B
7 goes with C
8 goes with A
9 goes with E
10 goes with A

Members recommendations: Each month I ask our members to come up with a music recommendation on a theme. This month it's Numbers.
Raxyl suggested: Free Four by Pink Floyd
Caroline suggested: Windforce 11 by Nadieh
D Foster suggested: Eight Days a Week by The Beatles
Wooley suggested: December 1963 by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
Turnedlight suggested: 21st Century Man by E.L.O
jiml suggested: Seven Years by Norah Jones
JohnB suggested: The Number of The Beast by Iron Maiden
Kat suggested: 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton
Fred suggested: Seven Stars by Peter Green
Mrs. Fred suggested: Eighth Day by Hazel O'Connor
KatT suggested: Song of The Count by Count von Count

Listen on: Deezer | Spotify

Note: Caroline's recommendation is not available on Spotify or Deezer in Canada. You may be able to find it or you can watch it on YouTube

If you would like to leave some feedback you can post in the Newsletter thread Here

Johnb's Recipe Spot

Date and Walnut Loaf

As promised this month its cake, its one of my favourites and ever so easy to rattle up. I doubt even Fred would have a date palm in Poly (but you never know) so Poly can have a rest this month but I am sure there must be the odd Walnut tree in the locale.

Kick of by pre-heating your oven to 180ºC/356ºF/Gas 4 and greasing and lining a 1lb loaf tin with baking parchment, this will make it oh so much easier to remove once it cooked.

In a large mixing bowl, beat together 115g of butter in small cubes (room temp) and ½ cup of sugar until nice and creamy looking then mix in ½ teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon Mixed Spice and 1 teaspoon Bicarbonate of Soda. Then stir in 1½ cup chopped Dates and 1 cup chopped walnuts and 1 cup boiling water

Dollop the batter into the loaf tin and bake for around 35 minutes. To check its cooked stick a steel skewer or knitting needle in, it should come out with just a hint of batter on it if there is a lot of batter on it just give it another 5 minutes. Just be careful though you don’t want the skewer coming out completely clean as the cake will be a tad dry – and there is nothing worse that a dry date and walnut loaf. Simple innit? Just turn the loaf out on to a wire cooling tray and let cool before removing the parchment.

So to serve
Around these parts this kind of cake is referred to as a Tea Loaf, there are quite a few variations, most have some form of fruit in and there is only one way to serve, a couple of nice slices as thick as a thumb with a slice of butter layered on. I say slice just because its easier than trying to spread a thick layer of butter on it.

To accompany
It can only be one thing. A steaming hot mug of your favourite tea. It goes particularly well with a good strong English Breakfast or an Earl Grey. If you are desperate for a splash of the hard stuff I could allow a crafty G and T

To read more recipes or add your own Click here

Talking gin with D Foster

Discovering Gin: In 1973 at 25 years old everything changed for me in many ways and not only did I start a job that would make a huge difference to my life but I found gin. I was running a service department for oil and gas combustion equipment for a company in Chesterfield when I was asked to look at a problem with a new large oil fired smelting furnace in Nottingham. When I arrived on site the Divisional Manager from the manufacturer of the oil safety controls and valves was also on site and between us we sorted out the problems which whoever had installed it had made a proper cock up.

Two weeks later I received an invitation to go to the manufacturers UK head office in London and when I arrived I discovered that the reason for my invitation was to offer me a position as Northern area manager. When, I found out what the package was on offer, I accepted as quick as I could. Vic , the Divisional Manager took me to lunch and he presented me with his favourite drink, my first gin and tonic , and from that point I never looked back , twenty one years later I left as Divisional Manager after Vic retired in 1985 and after many many gin and tonics later.
It’s very strange how one moment in time just out of the blue can be the trigger that turns everything around.

Came across a couple of gins in the last few weeks which my old mate found. Few which is an American gin which very unusually begins life as a white whisky, an aged bourbon, which gives it a completely unique character. He had a 2015 limited edition Breakfast gin flavoured with Earl Grey, not for me but interesting. Bloom was the other gin which was quite floral again not to my taste but very interesting flavour. He has a Japanese gin on order which will be certainly different, I will let you know what I think about it.

I hope that you found my musings a least a little bit interesting.

Cheers David

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Parking permits:

Some people have been abusing the free parking at Psoriasis Club. From this month members will be issued with a permit, any vehicle without a permit will be sold for scrap. Exceptions being "Wheelchairs" "Pogo Sticks" "Time Machines"

Art exhibition:

This month as you walk around Psoriasis Club you will spot pieces of art designed to stimulate your mind. All the pieces are made from recycled rubbish and the more you see the more you will think WHY ?

See you all next month


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Psoriasis Club Newsletter

Off topic snippets

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We were donated this many moons ago and it has been
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I would like to know if any adverse weather is affecting you
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Turnedlight's poetry corner

Advice on getting a cat

You have to really mean it
If you want to get a cat
Yes they’ll sit and purr with you
But there’s more to it than that

They constantly want feeding
They’ll let you know with claws
Or sit and bash the cat flap
With one relentless paw

Don’t ever walk about barefoot
In case something’s on the mat
Some horrid nameless body parts
Dissected from a rat

They’ll kindly decorate clean beds
With dirty little feet
All other times they’re spotless clean -
Mud’s just reserved for sheets

They’ll help you read your newspaper
By sitting on the pages
To find out what is in the news
Will always take you ages

You have to be quite tough to
Resist their charms as well
You’ll find it somewhat hard not to
Fall straight under their spell

They can do it with just one look
Those huge imploring eyes
Or curling up so innocent
With purring kitten sighs

They’ll be your friend for many years
And keep you warm at night
Unless they’re out marauding
And looking for a fight

But nothing beats how comforting
They are when on your lap
I would highly recommend it
If you want to get a cat

Author Turnedlight

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Members images

Each month I invite our members to have an image on the newsletter.

This months subject is Buildings

*Click on image to see full size

jiml House in the clouds Thorpeness U.K

Raxyl Shot Tower in Taroona

D Foster Chalk Tower in Flamborough.

Wooley Flatiron Building - New York City

Caroline Leiden Star Observatory

Kat Squirrel on a barn

KatT My favorite coffee shop with delicious Iced Cappuccinos

Mrs Fred Centre Ville

Fred The crooked little house

* All images are property of the member mentioned below the image.

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Take care.


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